Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss

Communication is the backbone of our society. If you are unable to clearly hear, your ability to interact with others is compromised. Untreated hearing loss can be frustrating not only for you, but for those you try to communicate with. If hearing loss is left untreated, it isolates you from the world you live in. It prevents you from enjoying every day activities such as talking with loved ones on the phone, shopping, visiting friends and family, traveling, enjoying a sermon at your place of worship, understanding the dialogue at the movie theater or watching your favorite TV show. According to a large-scale study by the National Council on Aging and Better Hearing Institute, people who ignore doing something about their hearing loss are more likely to become isolated, even depressed or anxious, compared to those who were treated with the right hearing aid technology.

The sooner you address your hearing loss, the sooner you can get back to enjoying all the sounds life has to offer. Today's variety of hearing technology is so advanced that literally thousands of people worldwide now enjoy clear sound from smaller more comfortable hearing aids that come in a wide range of prices. We urge you to call today to learn how you can improve your situation, and quality of life.

Common Signs and of Hearing Problems

  • Turning up the TV to a volume louder than what others feel comfortable listening to

  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves

  • Avoiding environments such as restaurants or parties, where noise can make it difficult to hear conversation

  • Turning the head to one side while listening

  • Avoiding social situations or interaction with friends or family

If any of the above apply to your situation, it would be beneficial to make an appointment to have your hearing and lifestyle needs evaluated by Joe and his staff.

Common Causes of Hearing Problems

  • Most often a hearing loss develops gradually and painlessly over time through the natural aging process.

  • It could also have been caused through constant exposure to loud sounds or noise from you work, military service, or simply from chores around the house.

  • It could have been caused by an inherited medical condition such as diabetes, heart or respiratory problems.

  • An illness or traumatic injury can cause diminished hearing.

  • Certain ototoxic medications can also affect your hearing.